The Magic Moving Game Box - Battlechasers Nightwar & WWE2K18

So for our first blog I'm going to review two very different games this time. One is a turn based role playing game based on a long forgotten comic property and the other is the newest yearly  installment of men in tights fighting over belts.
First up is Battlechasers Nightwar. This game is based on the comic from Joe Madureira. This is an all new story so you do not to have to have read the comic to enjoy this game. The combat is turn based and offers each a wide variety of moves and abilities for all of the five characters that you can play as. The one downside to the game is the grind of having to level up your characters with battling repeative enemies before starting the next dungeon. Overall i give the game a seven out of ten.
Next up is WWE2K18. The game boasts the largest roster ever of any Wwe game. In fact the roster is so large it is almost overwhelming. The roster is a nice mix of current Wwe and Nxt superstars and Wwe legends. The game has had a nice upgrade to the grap…

Wizardry of the Table Top - D&D For All

Dungeons and Dragons. Those three words conjure up so many images, depending on who you are. For those of us who play it could be decades worth of fun and enjoyment with good friends. For those who used to play, perhaps some nostalgia and even regret at no longer playing. For those that have never played, I’m fairly certain images of nerds wearing hooded robes while sitting around a table by candlelight in some thirty year old’s parent’s basement comes to mind.

I started playing D&D at the ripe age of 8 (gods, has it really been 40 years now?) in 1977. The game wasn’t that old, but there were plenty of people playing it. I had a (female) friend who lived roughly 10 minutes by foot from my house. She had a pool table, and great stereo, so I’d often hang out with her. One day, her older brother had a couple of friends over, and they seemed very excited about something. The brother approached me and asked if I’d like to play Dungeons and Dragons with them. I had no idea, but c’mon: c…

Reviews With The Quickness

Here’s what we didn’t get to this week… Read & expand your mind!!!!!
Iron Fist 73 - Danny returns home to his New York penthouse & we learn he has Shou Lao The Undying in a glass cage in the apartment. Yep, a dragon in an apartment… Oh, Danny goes to a bar & recruits Sabretooth to help him catch Constrictor (really???) who broke into his apartment & stole something for the bad guys from Liu Shi.
Royals 9 - Medusa has gone gray & is doing adult things with Gorgon. Flint is mutating. The team reaches the home of their creators & are seemingly killed by a giant robot.
All New Guardians of the Galaxy 11 - We find out the Talon who fought Star Lord was Robbie Rider’s (Nova) brother (a former Nova himself) who was captured & turned bad. That’s it… Nothing else…
Justice League 30 - Black stuff overwhelms the Justice League & turns them into zombie bad guys who will destroy the world. The villainess is Hippolyta, who is not really a villain.
Green Arrow 32 - It’s a …